About the Baladi dog

They are very smart (not like other dogs, but closer to human intelligence), and this might be because they have to survive in very difficult circumstances. They very quickly understand the dynamics and rules of their environment. They are very, very good with kids. They have free spirits! The Baladies as ‘amazing’ guard dogs especially when they are rescued. These dogs are usually, no matter what the color, full of intelligence, love, and humor. When the word Baladi is applied to a dog,  it generally refers to the native stray dogs who live on the streets of Egypt. It is not a “breed” per se, but more of a “type” of dog…. Baladi dogs are the original sighthounds of the Middle East, descendants of the Egyptian Saluki, and Pharaoh Hounds, and Israeli Canaan dogs. There is no understanding about these qualities that Baladies, so they get a bad reputation because of the abuse they face in the street, especially from kids: “A lot of kids throw rocks or stones at them, chase them and often hurt them real bad. They get thrown off fifth floors and beaten with a metal rod. Dogs get hit by cars, are in need of amputation surgeries, get poisoned, or abused.

DNA Story

A Baladi was adopted by a loving family in the USA, they loved her so much and offered her the life she deserves.
But what makes this Egyptian beauty even luckier; is that her family had her DNA tested to understand more about her origins. They use the services of Embark: DNA Test for Breed Identification, Ancestry & Health Research Partner of Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine. The most accurate dog DNA test facility for breed identification in the United States. The results were stunning…..the dog’s DNA confirmed she is an Indigenous Ancestral Dog; her genetic lineage can be traced back 15,000 years, long before there were any recognized dog breeds. Through the dog’s mitochondrial DNA they could trace her mother’s ancestry back to where dogs and people first became friends. Part of our ancient heritage. She is genetically unique . . . possessing NO DNA of any modern dog breeds. Thought to be the foundation from which modern dog breeds developed. Her gene tested negative for all 171 genetic diseases that Embark screens for, she is also clear of 164 other genetic health conditions. This gene also causes dogs to be especially tolerant of low oxygen environments.

Conclusion is: The Baladi dogs are the purest, healthiest, most ancient and most tolerant dogs.