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They are very smart (not like other dogs, but closer to human intelligence), and this might be because they have to survive in very difficult circumstances. They very quickly understand the dynamics and rules of their environment. They are very, very good with kids. They have free spirits!
The Baladies as ‘amazing’ guard dogs especially when they are rescued.
These dogs are usually, no matter what the color, full of intelligence, love, and humor.

When the word Baladi is applied to a dog, it generally refers to the native stray dogs who run the streets of Egypt. It is not a “breed” per se, but more of a “type” of dog. … Baladi dogs are the original sighthounds of the Middle East, descendants of the Egyptian Saluki, and Pharaoh Hounds, and Israeli Canaan dogs

There is no understanding about these qualities that Baladies so they get a bad reputation because of the abuse they face in the street, especially from kids: “A lot of kids throw rocks or stones at them, chase them and often hurt them real bad. They get thrown off fifth floors and beaten with a metal rod.
Dogs get hit by cars, are in need of amputation surgeries, get poisoned, or abused.